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Serendipity of the Day #1848

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Serendipity of the Day #1848

Our kitchen has been running at a very limited capacity, equipped with only the simplest culinary tools. Most of the things we need are inexpensive, but there are quite a few of them; costs would grow uncomfortably high if we bought everything new, so we’re hoping for a bit of good luck – and we seem to be getting it.

Yesterday, just as I was setting out for Bridges, I saw a blender sitting out next to the sidewalk, abandoned but in fine shape. I took it home and it seems to work quite well, so soups and smoothies are in our future.

Walking to get groceries today, I found this set of measuring spoons in my path, just waiting to build a batch of cookies. I laughed when I realized what they were – it seemed too perfect, to so easily come across what I’d been looking for. It’s like walking through a dark forest, and a tree leans down to hand you a lantern – like the universe itself has decided to hand you exactly what you need.

On the way home, hauling a heavy load of aspiring dinners, I found a yard sale and picked up a few more perfect items, and kept laughing about how nicely things had turned out.

Tonight Pearce and I made a deliberate effort to buy a few more household things, and so our kitchen is taking form.

This is a day about very mundane things, but these little details in life are important, and it’s a fine thing to glean small bits of glee from them.

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Written by Umbrella Man

October 14, 2013 at 1:02 am

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