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Lapse of the Day #1865

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Lapse of the Day #1865

My newer camera has somehow forgotten all of the day’s photos, so this is all I have left of the day – an overhead thrift shop snapshot as Anton, Emily and I searched for pieces of our respective Halloween costumes. It was a good day, though, and I mustn’t let some camera mishap steal it away. And so:

Waking hazy and warm;
Riding through cold streets as the sky woke up;
Work as usual, inches from the end of the voxelated phase;
Costume hunting with Emily and Anton;
Chewy cookies in pumpkin ice cream;
Mitch’s Bill Cipher pumpkin and Leyla’s Mystery Shack signs (photos tragically lost?);
An awkward, bumbling attempt at whip-stitching;
A quick break to forage for fries, and the energy dilemma;
My partial transformation into the Summerween Trickster.

These are just notes, or thin threads tied to memories, and I hope they’re strong enough to keep the day suspended. I’ll need to keep an eye on my camera – human memories are so volatile, but digital ones aren’t meant to fade.

everyone hail to the pumpkin song

Written by Umbrella Man

October 31, 2013 at 2:15 am

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