The Transfiguration

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Transmogrification of the Day #1867

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Transmogrification of the Day #1867

Mitch has transformed almost all of us by now, trimming away accumulated months to reveal forms we never knew were hidden away. No longer shackled to their hairstyles by Halloween obligations, Mitch and Laurel both shrugged off their hair tonight, and both much shorter than they are used to.

It takes some time to acclimate to a new look when you cut your hair; an older, long-haired self-image can persist for quite a while after the fact, and every glance in the mirror is a slight affront to that image. I’ve only recently acclimated to my own haircut, and it’s already growing out into obscured curls again.

But Mitch did a great job tonight, and Laurel was awfully adorable after her zen cut here. Mitch could run a business for this if he were so inclined,we’ve said, but he seems to prefer working as an amateur – that is, for the love of the thing. It’s a noble way to think, I’d say.

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Written by Umbrella Man

November 2, 2013 at 2:55 am

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