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Sacrifice of the Day #1869

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Sacrifice of the Day #1869

With the help of my dad, Pearce and I collected a free couch for our living room today. Carrying it up the stairs and squeezing it through the door took a lot of geometrical tinkering, and as we rotate the thing along every axis it crackled like an old beast stretching after a long nap. Little plastic things the size of lentils slipped out from between the cushions as we worked – sofa spores, perhaps, sure to sprout fields of baby furniture if left unchecked.

Deep in the bowels of the couch, behind the unfolding footrests, I found this half-digested creature, like an angel effigy sacrificed to the god of upholstery to ensure a comfortable winter. In this household we’ll not commit such cruel acts, though; we’d rather be devoured by this new sofa than continue to harm innocent stuffed animals for the sake of a soft place to sit. Have no fear – I’m sure we can tame it.

Our apartment is looking more like a real home now. It’ll be nice to have more guests here soon.

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Written by Umbrella Man

November 4, 2013 at 1:17 am

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