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Flake of the Day #1877

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Flake of the Day #1877

I’ve had a little blizzard of scattered thoughts whirling through my head tonight, and I just can’t collect them into an organized reflection right now.

For the most part I think I’m doing fairly well right now, but the current pressing issue is to decide what to do with my life professionally – what to study or where to work – and I haven’t been able to settle on anything. It makes me feel a little groundless at times.

I’ve known with confidence what I wanted to be several times in my life – ice cream man, astronaut, comic book artist, writer, neuroscientist – but I have been wondering lately whether my career is how I want to define myself at all, and that question has brought with it a lot of uncertainty.

Every year and every day and every breath seems like a sort of dance, or like as I move forward through time I’m carving every motion into the clay of the universe, leaving behind a bending tunnel in the shape of my life. Everything we do is so permanent, and I want to leave a good shape behind.

simple in the moonlight

Written by Umbrella Man

November 12, 2013 at 1:38 am

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