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Taste of the Day #1888

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Taste of the Day #1888

Laurel has somehow made it this far in her life without once having eaten peanut butter. She’s had it in things – candy and cookies and the like – but never in any form that gives you the goopy, textural experience of peanut butter. This is almost inconceivable to me; it’s been such a staple throughout my entire life, working with jelly in so many sandwiches, providing a boost of protein when I refused to eat my dinner, fueling so many days at work.

Spread over Force Primeval toast, this peanut butter melted into a lumpy sort of mirror. The moment Laurel picked up a slice, drops of peanut butter appeared everywhere, across the table and plate and herself, sticking her jaw closed as peanut butter will do.

But she did see the harmony between peanut butter and jam, and likened them to the evil and good of yin and yang, perfectly complementing one another. I suppose that is a success, though I wouldn’t dare her to eat peanut butter on its own like I do so often.

just how it feels here

Written by Umbrella Man

November 23, 2013 at 12:33 am

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