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Transplant of the Day #1915

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Transplant of the Day #1915

My bicycle’s been suffering from a frayed tendon, so I once again went to the Dactyls for help. Together Barb and Bob worked out how to dismantle the controls and tease out the split cable, replacing it with one of the many spares they’ve accumulated over the years. This all went along smoothly enough until it came time to attach the new cable to the derailleur – the mechanism that actually shifts the chain from one gear to another. Mine is a curious model, and the way it wobbled made us wonder if it might be broken in some obscure way.

I’ll need to find a second opinion, but my bike is still in better health now than it was this morning, and I’m certainly grateful for that.

I don’t see Bob and Barb very often anymore, and I feel a little guilty that I mostly reach out to them when I have bicycle trouble. Conversely, it’s almost a nice thing when my bike does start limping like this – it means I get to go visit them again.

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Written by Umbrella Man

December 20, 2013 at 1:34 am

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