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Critter of the Day #1946

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Critter of the Day #1946

We went out in search of sea and sunset today, a long walk that lead us through small wonders on the way.

Mitch’s slingshot gave new meaning to wild olives and ancient ghostly marshmallows, and olive-juice splatters were artfully captured on papers mounted on an overpass pillar.

A mountain of newly discarded cardboard boxes called out for reuse – it would have made a spectacular fort – but we had to press on.

One tree near the water had strong limbs, low and long, and Kendra, Mitch and I climbed up while Laurel photographed the scene. I’d almost forgotten the rough texture of tree bark; whenever you climb a tree, some of you is inevitably left behind.

Kendra is a master at finding small things, whether clover or critter, and on the muddy beach she uncovered several tiny crabs living under bits of stone debris. This one was the largest of the bunch, perhaps strong enough to give you a real pinch in the right mood, but everyone seemed to get along just fine.

The sun melted away over the city while everyone was distracted by seagulls and skipping-stones, but it was a perfect sort of outing, regardless of whatever we first imagined.


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January 20, 2014 at 1:16 am

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