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Cherry of the Day #1950

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Cherry of the Day #1950

Making these silly little sprites has mostly been a reminder of how hard illustration actually is.

Recently the game company King, creator of Candy Crush Saga, has filed trademarks claiming the words “Candy” and “Saga” for anything game related. In response, indie game developers started a Candy Jam – an invitation for anyone interested to create their own candy-themed games as a demonstration of how ridiculous King’s trademark attempt is. Thinking over this, I imagined the story of a cherry’s journey to become the sweetest candy, and the many transformations he underwent along the way.

In stage 1, on the left, he’s a mere cherry, rolling about in the branches of the tree. At the level’s end he falls into a milkshake and magically becomes a maraschino cherry.

In stage 2 he discovers that his maraschino stickiness allows him to climb up walls, and he makes his way onward until he’s transformed yet again – this time into a gummi cherry.

In stage 3, with squishy gummi powers, our cherry hero learns to jump, and when he bounces into a candy factory he’s compressed like a diamond into hard candy.

In stage 4, hard-candy cherry ricochets around the factory like a pinball until he’s pulverized into pixy stix dust, the sweetest, most sugar-dense substance imaginable.

In stage 5 he is no longer recognizable as a cherry at all. Drifting on the wind in a cloud of sweetness, the once-cherry swirls out through the world until he finds himself back where he began, at the tree where he was born. Our candied protagonist realizes that he has forgotten himself through the course of all these transformations, and he hardly remembers what it was like to be part of a tree.

Sailing onward, the sugar-cloud finds a tiny cherry sapling. Grown from the pit he lost when he was maraschinoed, the sapling is sure to live a life he thought he’d abandoned entirely. Reassured, he floats away, perhaps to settle onto a distant cherry pie somewhere.

A slightly bittersweet ending, perhaps?


Written by Umbrella Man

January 24, 2014 at 1:24 am

Posted in pixels, stories

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