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Welcome of the Day #1967

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Welcome of the Day #1967

With my bat-wing umbrella blacking out the sky, I didn’t see Mitch and Kendra sitting at their porch until I was already in front of their house. Waiting at the top of grey steps under a grey sky, they looked like wise otherworldly characters from a story, and I, the weary traveler, was in dire need of their advice.

Until you greet each other, your day and your friend’s are distinct creatures, like two creeping cells. When a friend opens their door to welcome you in, it breaks the membrane and suddenly the two days have melded together. Meeting these two as they waited outside brought our days together without that defined moment, which makes the moment just a little peculiar.

This is one of those abstract notions I can’t quite articulate – I hope it makes sense.

the business of sadness

Written by Umbrella Man

February 10, 2014 at 2:34 am

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