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Vortex of the Day #1979

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Vortex of the Day #1979

In the kitchen here is this vortex of corn syrup and Red 40, toughened over time, sickly-sweet and stale. It sits atop the refrigerator, either unnoticed or grossly unappealing to passerby, and so it has been for ages. In idle moments, if I have an unmet urge to chew on something, I do sometimes end up plucking one of these vines from its kin, gnawing away at something between leather and candle wax.

They do me no good, I’d guess, but it would be such a tragedy to deny them their purpose! Perhaps we could weave them into a basket instead, or use them as the wrapping for pulverized candy corn and chalky sweethearts to make some horrid candy-sausage. It would stand proud, immune to the ages, as the perfect exemplar of what one should never, ever eat.

beneath the casino

Written by Umbrella Man

February 22, 2014 at 2:05 am

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