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Pog of the Day #2006

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Pog of the Day #2006

There were so many different animals at the marina today, each living their lives to a different tune. These ground squirrels were our first surprise, slinking out of their holes to investigate as we unpacked our food and laid out the blanket. Six at a time were watching us, their knees hidden in the tough grass. Mitch declared he would feed one, but they scattered when Lee chased after an escaped paper bag, and after that most of their curiosity seemed to evaporate.

A fluffy white dog padded around our picnic table later, sniffing for dropped bits of food, comfortable with us but generally uninterested in what we had to say.

Another dog, taller, with one ear pointed and one floppy, explored the rocks by the water and gave our picnic a quick examination before a woman with her child called him back.

Birds in the water drifted and dove, some in swift little squadrons, some so thin and white they could have been made of paper. Ducklings swam like a tiny fleet of viking ships on some great journey.

As I biked across the rocky dirt road back toward the freeway, I passed a set of massive birds sitting quietly, watching the road as if they were royalty.

I have this undeveloped notion of the shape of a creature’s life – the footprint it makes in space and time, the way it values things, the decisions it makes, the way it understands its habits – but I haven’t yet grasped it quite like I want to. It feels a little different than before, so perhaps I’m making progress.

People are in there, too. Your life and mine are very different things, and the differences and similarities are both spectacular.

I don’t want to see it end

Written by Umbrella Man

March 21, 2014 at 2:18 am

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