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Stroll of the Day #2023

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Stroll of the Day #2023

Anna came to California this week to prepare for and celebrate her niece’s first birthday – an elaborate affair, I’m told, with more varieties of cupcakes than anyone could dream of tasting in a lifetime. The festivities were last night, so today Anna was free to visit with us, and explore a few of the lovely secrets Brittany knows about.

Across the bay from Marin is the husk of the forever unfinished Lava House. Some wealthy soul commissioned a house with a lava rock motif, and the property is sprawling with pillars and walls of porous black stones. Apparently funds ran dry part of the way through construction, and the remains have been sitting by the shore there for almost forty years. The house is lined with signs declaring PRIVATE PROPERTY, ABSOLUTELY NO TRESPASSING, or VIDEO SURVEILLANCE; several sport illustrations of security cameras. I’d never seen such an angry-looking ruin before – perhaps forty years of curious trespassing teenagers will do that to anyone.

We obeyed the signs, but even from the road the view was lovely. Marin looks like something from a fairy tale, its buildings cascading down the hill to a harbor full of tiny wandering boats. I’d never seen a scene quite like that before, and was a little baffled that it had evaded me all these years, hidden just around the bay.

This photo is on the short walk to a beautiful, massive eucalyptus tree overlooking the bay. A handmade swing hung from one of its heavy branches, and Brittany and Anna took their turns on it while Pearce and I followed a rope into the higher reaches of the tree. The walk there was warm in a way I haven’t felt in months – it’s nice to really feel the sun again.

After some climbing at Bridges and delicious foods, we all parted ways. We’ll see Anna again this summer, and further adventures will follow.

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Written by Umbrella Man

April 7, 2014 at 1:54 am

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