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Hotel of the Day #2027

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Hotel of the Day #2027

Jeff Mangum, of Neutral Milk Hotel, requested that we not take photos during the show to encourage us to stay in the moment. I have to admire that, so here is a shot of the Hotel’s lobby, as it were – preparations before the headlining band took their places on the stage.

It seems like I always get really pensive at shows like this. Perhaps it’s because from this vantage point, the musicians are all such tiny people, sharing patterns that formed in their brains with hundreds of other tiny people, all attentive and ready to feel rapturous.

They sounded beautiful, of course, and looked terribly human down there, bouncing on the stage with their instruments, eyes hidden beneath the shade of their caps, sending out their carefully timed and toned pressure waves to fill the vaulted room.

I want to make more things.

thunderous sparks from the dark

Written by Umbrella Man

April 11, 2014 at 1:11 am

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