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Corvid of the Day #2066

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Corvid of the Day #2066

Mitch climbed into his magnolia tree today to check on a bird nest he’d heard earlier. There was no sign of them; whether they grew up and flew away or were accosted by the neighborhood cats must be left to your interpretation. I’d love to climb the tree as well, but it’s also home to a colony of ants, and infringing on their space there is as painful as kicking out the ants scouring my kitchen sink.

Leyla and Mitch’s crops are doing well despite the attacks of snails they bred and unwittingly released into their own garden. We ate salsa and salad made from grocery store vegetables, but homegrown meals are waiting in the future.

We had a bonfire flavored with trimmed bits of rosemary hedge, and the others roasted marshmallows for smoreos. I had to make do with my pocket-molten Milky Way, but I think I managed enough sugar for the day.

I woke this morning and read for an hour before moving, and it was lovely.

let’s not be friends

Written by Umbrella Man

May 20, 2014 at 12:59 am

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