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Gems of the Day #2078

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Gems of the Day #2078

These are tamarind seeds, little gems from a curious fruit we found at Berkeley Bowl today. They come in lumpy horseshoe pods with a brittle shell like dried leaves, and the thin edible wrapping within is tough and sour, a bit like self-made fruit leather. Pull off a piece take a bite, and the seed within will slide free.

I like how much the shapes of these seeds vary, like they talked amongst themselves as they grew, each deciding ultimately it wanted something different from life. Something in their developmental mechanism affords them a little more freedom than most seeds, and they end up with as many different shapes as humans take.

We’ve quite a lot of fruit besides this one tamarind – tomorrow we’ll have a feast.

I wouldn’t be quite what you see

Written by Umbrella Man

June 1, 2014 at 12:40 am

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