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Constellation of the Day #2087

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Constellation of the Day #2087

So, of course, there is in some place a planet where, by an astronomical coincidence the stars are aligned in just such a way that their constellations actually speak the truth about every citizen they shine upon. Their cosmic advice is manifold, providing guidance on everything, from the slightest minutiae of life – such as the number of teaspoons in a cup – to the steps an empress must take to prevent an outbreak of war. The language of this planet has adapted to take the form of constellations, and in every building, on every road, you will find the stars guiding you, and know that your path is steady and clear.

The people of this planet were astonished when they learned that the stars were more than a script written in the great canvas above, and they look up now wondering what advice their own sun gives to other life. They would be offended, most likely, if we told them our stars told us nothing but lies.

do not wander

Written by Umbrella Man

June 9, 2014 at 10:34 pm

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