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Dust of the Day #2089

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Dust of the Day #2089

The path home this morning was wreathed in a dusty sort of light, and the curve of the rails above drew me forward as I pedaled. I took a quick photo without stopping – the early sun seemed worth keeping.

I was out early because a dream had woken me, and after I’d taken the time to write it down I felt awake enough to get on with the day.

In my dream I had commandeered a submarine, and a song in my head – some blend of Andrew Bird and Fleet Foxes – compelled me to bring it to the peak of deep-sea spire. With the vessel settled on the rock, I began to pull the bolts out of the walls, and gradually the entire structure split apart. Suspended safe in my diving suit, I watched as the remains of the submarine fell away from me, scraping its way into the abyss. Other sunken ships and shanty-town ruins (sea shanties?) became visible, then crumbled as my submarine tore away their foundations. I was left hanging there in the dark, unsure of what to do, so I just swam. Eventually, in the middle of the night, I found my way to a grassy island full of goats, their wool very soft and very thick.

I love these deep-diving dreams, even if they are uncertain and at times a bit scary. There is something about floating there, feeling the water surrounding me, that makes everything seem so intimate and beautiful.

I mentioned the dream to Lauren, and she suggested that it portrayed my current career position – how I may be pulling out bolts now to try and explore something else. It seems unlikely that my subconscious was trying to make that point, but perhaps it’s still a notion worth entertaining.

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Written by Umbrella Man

June 12, 2014 at 12:47 am

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