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Tower of the Day #2099

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Tower of the Day #2099

Our patchwork party – Jacob the wizard elf, Mitch the druid gnome, Laurel the human rogue, Pearce the fighter half-orc, and myself as a half-elf cleric – came to this tower under mysterious circumstances, driven by a story still largely unknown to us. Lee, as Dungeon Master, lead us up its steps, and tragedy unfolded as Jacob’s old mentor was felled by a distant assassin.

Lee and Jacob are very familiar with these RPGs, but they’re fairly new for the rest of us. It’s an odd and entertaining thing to see our efforts decided by the dice – unlucky rolls (and there were many) often left us, great adventuring heroes, staring dumbly at an arrow or falling out of a tree.

Mitch went through the effort of writing up a Tome of Gnome, and his character is the most vivid one thus far. People sometimes follow their created characters for years; I wonder where ours might go.

sun on solstice night

Written by Umbrella Man

June 22, 2014 at 12:37 am

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