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Dancers of the Day #2106

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Dancers of the Day #2106

I napped a little too heavily this afternoon, and almost lost the day as a result. After a little groaning and dithering, I did manage to pull myself out to the park to catch the tail end of Alina’s dance picnic – once everyone was finished dancing. I’m glad I went.

Right now Alina is working at a bakery in San Francisco, making mug cozies and other adorable things, as well as working at a fellow neuroscience lab, doing much more work than she’s paid for. In a few months she’ll be starting as a PhD student at UCSC, doing her part to pin down some of the mysterious workings of the brain.

Laura, who is also very thoughtful and with whom I don’t speak often enough, is working as a tutor for Berkeley High’s Independent Study. She has a keen sense for social ecosystems and how people learn; I think she has a unique ability to spark insight in people, and with her efforts applied in the right place she could change a lot of lives for the better. Independent Study seems to have been a good start for her, but she’s looking to move forward as well; I hope she finds herself somewhere brilliant soon.

It seems like a lot of us are in this peculiar post-college phase now; we’ve dug out these tiny niches for ourselves, found work of some kind or another, but it’s still shallow at best. So many of us have decided, independently but almost simultaneously, that we need to plant ourselves somewhere more substantial, and so a second wave of searches has begun.

Things have been tenuous, but we’ll all be able to steady ourselves soon – I can feel it.

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June 28, 2014 at 10:17 pm

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