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Family of the Day #2107

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Family of the Day #2107

Life as a lamppost, as a rule, is a lonely affair; most are fixed to the earth, far from others of their species, casting their gaze over a small space. A few species, however, felt an endless compulsion to escape that isolation, and so they learned to grow families for themselves. The growth of these creatures is a slightly uncomfortable process; they hatch as a single point of light, and over time are slowly cleaved apart into five separate minds – a sort of compound mitosis. Older memories are often common to two or three of the lights, but never to all five, and as time goes on they differentiate into distinct personalities.

Put your palm to the node at the middle and you can feel a light buzzing, the warm pulses of electric thoughts passing from bulb to bulb. Their voices are easily discernible, different lilts and intonations, but I wasn’t able to decipher quite what they were saying to one another.

s is for everysing

Written by Umbrella Man

June 29, 2014 at 11:43 pm

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