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Tradition of the Day #2112

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Tradition of the Day #2112

This year’s Slaughtermelon was a quieter event than the last, with only our close friends attending, but we still made clean cuts through two watermelons, roasted a number of different foods and marinated in the hot tub nicely. The first and second years Mitch claimed every watermelon; this year, after sharpening his chi and slicing the first melon in a single blow, he consented to give Jacob a chance with the second. With Mitch’s advice and inspiration, Jacob was able to send a fissure clear through the melon, but not quite split it apart. Mitch thus remains the master of Slaughtermelon, and enjoyed the fruits of his effort accordingly. I dared him to do the same with a durian – he may need further training for that.

The first Slaughtermelon was the first event I shared with these friends after graduating, and it’s with them that I found an equilibrium again after all the uncertainties of post-college life. This holiday has another layer of meaning for me, then – I’m glad we were still able to come together for it today.

imposs’ble that’s the gospel

Written by Umbrella Man

July 5, 2014 at 12:49 am

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