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Swing of the Day #2128

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Swing of the Day #2128

Laurel and I went on a trek through the city today, without any particular plan besides making a visit to a cat. It seemed a perfect cursory tour, as everywhere we went we could find people bringing the city alive in their small ways.

These firefighters had closed off a street for their traditional Stickball game, shouting and running, keeping the game flowing, knocking the ball out over the rooftops; people outside the Exploratorium had turned a set of seats on rails into an odd skating game; behind a dry fountain a small dance class was hidden, with motley strangers in casual clothes shuffling to Michael Jackson; bicyclists turned the wharf into a playground, hopping onto benches, standing steady on their rear wheels as easily as I do on my feet.

There are so many different kinds of scenes bottled up out there – Grace Cathedral; the glowing stock tickers of the financial district; Danilo’s tiny apartment and the aluminum alley behind it; the trinkets and spices in China Town; an old record store packed so tight with music and instruments that you have to squeeze in sideways to reach some of them; parks and playgrounds and plazas; hidden quiet neighborhood wreathed in greenery.

So many lives in so many different shapes out there – it would be worth it to live in the city for a time.

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Written by Umbrella Man

July 20, 2014 at 10:28 pm

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