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Reward of the Day #2182

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Reward of the Day #2182

We finished our fifth assessment today, and the entire class passed with full marks. App Academy doesn’t keep grades, but it also doesn’t accept more than one failed assessment; because no one in my little group here has failed a test yet, this means that we’re all Out Of The Woods now, and a great deal of uncertainty has been lifted from our shoulders.

John celebrates the end of each test with an affogato – vanilla ice cream swimming in espresso. He invited us along for the experience this time, so I had the first group lunch since this all began.

My affogato was treated with chocolate instead of espresso, and I go without beer whenever I follow friends to a bar. This makes me the odd one out, even if only slightly, and I felt a little off over lunch.

But these are good folks, and in quieter places I love talking with each of them.

It’s been a long week; I’m glad for a reprieve.


Written by Umbrella Man

September 12, 2014 at 10:29 pm

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