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Car of the Day #2189

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Car of the Day #2189

App Academy has two PlasmaCars inexplicably sitting around the office, and during breaks we’ll occasionally fold ourselves into them and teeter around between the desks and students. They’re strange toys – you propel yourself simply by turning the wheel back and forth, and mysterious inertial forces push you forwards.

Matt’s questions about transferring experiences from one brain to another lead to a discussion on continuity of consciousness that drew in quite a few people – lots of thoughts thrown around, no one exactly arguing, but everyone so driven to articulate what they believed in. As the conversation cooled, Jimmy came by in the PlasmaCar, bringing us back to reality.

With that, work, dinner with Laurel and her dad, and a quick game night with Pearce, Leyla and Mitch, it’s been a full day. Time to work all weekend!

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Written by Umbrella Man

September 20, 2014 at 1:34 am

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