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Scales of the Day #2190

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Scales of the Day #2190

Laurel and her dad stopped by for a few minutes this afternoon, but aside from their brief visit I spent the day entirely alone, bent over my laptop and squishing my brain against code until it finally did what I hoped it would.

Banishing the most meddlesome bugs left me burned out, and I idled for too long before decided to finally step out for some fresh air. I haven’t had time for even that, lately; it feels strange to just amble on the street with no particular goal.

This tree stands in the glow of a lamppost we once risked toppling for the sake of a convoluted slackline setup. In this light the leaves are stripped down to three flat tones, and they suggest that slight uncertainty of reality that you find in dreams sometimes – when things feel just a little off, and you start to doubt that the world is really what it says it is.

So much to do tomorrow, and so much sleep to recoup.

the trees were mistaken

Written by Umbrella Man

September 20, 2014 at 11:26 pm

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