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Skills of the Day #2208

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Skills of the Day #2208

These next few weeks are about finding the best way to sell ourselves to employers – one of those strange, alien grown-up processes I’ve always shied away from. I put together a resume, built a simple portfolio site, submitted my first job application – started building momentum, in short.

Following the suggestions from App Academy, I removed all my scientific skills from LinkedIn, leaving only the tech skills I’ve built up. It felt a bit strange to do it, formalizing my departure from all the biochemistry experiences I went through in college. I could still perform PCR if I had to, I think, and even manage a Western blot, but it’s likely I’ll never set foot in a wet lab again.

There have been such disheartening posts about academia going around lately – professors paid next to nothing, forced to get by on food stamps, huge numbers of people with STEM doctorates working retail because there’s no room for them in research. It’s a reminder of why I edged away from that realm, but I want the world to be more supportive of the sciences. Maybe I can find a way to help – once I find my feet.

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October 9, 2014 at 12:11 am

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