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Summit of the Day #2219

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Summit of the Day #2219

I joined Pearce, his brother and Brittany on Pearce’s birthday hike today as we set out for the peak of Mount Saint Helena. It was about a ten-mile hike round-trip – just the sort of revival I needed after eleven weeks of App Academy.

Winding roads brought us to the start of our trail, which felt very much like the forested paths around UC Santa Cruz until we came to a cave of red stone. A crack at the top let sun in, and we climbed around the outside of it to reach our first view of the rippling valley below.

We swapped the forest path for a fire trail, rather like the one we found in Berkeley, and for the rest of our ascent we could see great swathes of the world, and the sun painting its tones and shadows across the hills.

At the summit we found other hikers midway through a small party, playing music and eating food, and they offered us a few treats – fruit and peanut butter, carrots and hummus.

Landscape views are lovely in a way that photographs can’t quite capture – you need to be absorbed in it, feel yourself surrounded by a circular horizon.

My legs are worn thin now, in the best way. I need more of this in my life; I’m glad to have Pearce and Brittany for company, and to be able to go on adventures with them.

fistful of peanuts

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October 20, 2014 at 1:58 am

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