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Ducky of the Day #2241

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Ducky of the Day #2241

Late at night with no photo for the day, I took up the old tradition of looking for things that would fluoresce if I asked nicely. This is one of two devil duckies that live on the windowsill in the shower, guarding the bathroom from spiders and slugs. To my eyes it glowed a faint red, as one would expect, but my camera saw beyond that, somehow; the ducky became a white-hot creature, moments from bursting into molten iron, as if the demon it contained (all devil duckies are demon prisons, naturally) were on the verge of escape.

These discrepancies between my vision and my camera’s are always strange. I wonder if the camera actually saw something in a spectrum outside of human vision, or if it was just fritzing out in the low light.

freon world

Written by Umbrella Man

November 11, 2014 at 1:46 am

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