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Cake of the Day #2253

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Cake of the Day #2253

Laurel and I had a little day together, walking about Downtown to see what we would see. After comic books we stopped by a café, hoping to read by the window over cocoa and coffee. It was a peculiar place, with an ostensible Parisian theme; the employees wore stereotypical French outfits, black and white striped shirts with black berets. Pastries were arranged like a buffet, inviting patrons to collect their baked goods while they waited in line, and an array of mounted monitors advertised the café’s products.

It’s actually a South Korean chain, offering its own play on French pasties (and Belgian waffles, and a number of other things), here in California. Another oddity of globalization; everything is blending more and more.

We went with a little sponge cake; here Laurel is scooping some whipped cream from it with a curl of chocolate.

Some strange places today, but I got to spend it with Laurel, and for that it was lovely.

foux du fa fa

Written by Umbrella Man

November 22, 2014 at 11:39 pm

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