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Demo of the Day #2268

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Demo of the Day #2268

I brought John along to climb today, and as we were waiting for the train back afterwards he pulled out his laptop to show me a project he’s working on. It’s looking pretty sleek so far – John has a knack for coding things that really draw the eye.

We took the train downtown, then realized that John had left his skateboard behind. Another lap around on the tracks let us safely reclaim the board, and as we waited we discovered that the full length of the station lights was claimed by spiders. They’d laid their webs at regular intervals, about two feet apart, and a spider waited patiently in each one, knowing that someone would come helplessly drawn to the light. Moments later a moth approached and tangled itself once or twice, managing to struggle out of the trap before spiraling off to the other side of the tracks, where perhaps more spiders waited.

Burgers and frozen yogurt followed, and John and I talked a bit back and forth about life and what work was supposed to be. He’s working to figure things out, like the rest of us; a good answer will fall soon.

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Written by Umbrella Man

December 8, 2014 at 12:23 am

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