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Web of the Day #2269

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Web of the Day #2269

The tree downtown is woven from wire instead of wood, and viewed from below it becomes a spider’s web, heavy with captured fireflies. I reached between the wires to get this shot, and managed to escape before any festive spiders arrived to devour me.

I was surprised to find Downtown Berkeley in a bit of a state of emergency; the police had closed off all but the main entrance to the Bart, and sirens seemed to flash down every street. Banks and restaurants were boarded up, their windows presumably smashed the night before; I’d passed by them just last evening, when they were all unbroken.

The protests going on right now are happening for an important reason, and I hope these voices are heard. The damage people are causing doesn’t serve their purpose, though.

But I’m glad people care enough to get out into the streets. How come I’m not there, too?

let me go

Written by Umbrella Man

December 8, 2014 at 10:02 pm

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