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Distraction of the Day #2270

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Distraction of the Day #2270

I woke up early for a special class to get me better acquainted with my new job’s methodologies – team organization, work planning, etc etc. Leaving home before full daylight was an unusual gift; the world was soaked in a dark pink, the streets and sky all so eerily tinted.

My coworker picked me up across the street from an abandoned university, and we drove through fog across low roads, hints of marsh close on either side of us.

Our class was in a convention center by the docks, and through the wide windows, throughout the day, I could see birds and humans paddling through the water outside. The world there was soft gray, the bay mirrored, and as we learned how to deliver product reliably I couldn’t help but think about being out there too.

These are not mutually exclusive things, of course. I can be a good developer, solving puzzles and creating useful things, and also go outside and be a part of the world.

I wonder what these people do with the rest of their lives, and where they are right now.

The end of the day brought this particular blend of colors and silhouettes, and I managed to capture it just as the class wrapped up day one. I wonder who we’ll see out there tomorrow.

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Written by Umbrella Man

December 9, 2014 at 10:27 pm

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