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Fleet of the Day #2283

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Fleet of the Day #2283

Laurel’s family made a tradition of picking out a new menorah each year, and over the course of Laurel’s life they’ve amassed a considerable fleet of them. They come in all manner of shapes and styles and materials: one is a little train with the shamash for a locomotive; another is a street of tiny houses; two have a streak of marbled blue glass, both made by the same artist; one is a molten silver tree; many are more traditional in style, but with their own particular patterns. When they were all lit tonight – a tricky maneuver, done in a particular order to prevent burning your sleeves – they made quite a light show, a tremendous dance of little flames. Together they were so warm, it seemed, that they actually created a bit of an updraft; flames at the edge of the display were pulled inwards, and a few toward the middle were extinguished entirely, and needed to be rekindled. You rarely see so many candles burning together, and the way they interact is an interesting puzzle.

The festivities, of course, were lovely. It’s nice to see Laurel’s family again, and to be part of their holiday celebrations. Things will be busy for the next few days.


Written by Umbrella Man

December 23, 2014 at 12:01 am

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