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Teacup of the Day #2284

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Teacup of the Day #2284

The tree waited undecorated until we arrived, and one of the first things we did yesterday was open a few gifts given to Laurel, Jamie, and myself – a set of Christmas ornaments, little wintry creatures to live in the branches. It’s another tradition of Laurel’s family for the kids to receive a new Christmas ornaments every year, marked with the name and year. As we decorated the tree tonight we stepped back through Laurel’s history a little: a bearded Santa-gnome, a pair of Minnie Mouses, a rather elegant fairy, this little teacup (the kettle remains unseen).

Laurel’s mom is fond of building up histories of the family, and has also collected several albums to document their lives; yesterday she revealed a scrapbook with all of the Christmas letters sent out since Laurel was tiny, each recounting the past year. A few notes in it referenced stories Laurel’s told me about her life, now written from her mother’s perspective.

I’ll need to look through their books a bit more later on – I didn’t quite get the chance earlier.


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December 24, 2014 at 12:33 am

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