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Kitten of the Day #2296

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Kitten of the Day #2296

Zinky is composed mostly of silken shadow, which makes him hard to photograph – especially if he’s moving at all, which he usually is. I got a lucky snapshot today when he was briefly intrigued by the camera, so now you can properly see Laurel’s new lovely kitten.

He’s settling in well, making himself comfortable on or under the sofa, often following us out when we leave the room. He woke us this morning at about eight o’clock, curling up on the rumpled hills of the blankets, eager for company. Laurel is working on teaching him a few rules – no eating the house plant, no nibbling hands – but they get along so well.

I’d forgotten how quickly animals can make friends.


Written by Umbrella Man

January 4, 2015 at 11:55 pm

Posted in animals, cats

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