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Monochrome of the Day #2300

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Monochrome of the Day #2300

We congregated at the Exploratorium today, forming quite the party: Laurel, Barbie, Pearce, Anna, Harvey, Callie and myself. I hadn’t been in years, and I’d never seen their new home; we explored for a great few hours, and time was up long before we’d played with everything.

This here is the Monochromatic Room, an installation new to me. The room is illuminated by low-pressure sodium lamps, which emit almost pure yellow light – about 593nm. No other colors are there for objects to reflect, so vision is in monochrome, locked in a strange nostalgic tint. A machine full of jelly beans is there, its flavors hidden in shades of sepia, and revealing the colors with a white flashlight feels like magic.

We’ll need to go again – there’s always so much more to do than time allows.

distant trains

Written by Umbrella Man

January 9, 2015 at 12:55 am

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