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Monster of the Day #2305

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Monster of the Day #2305

The fog was a strange beast today, so low, so thick and so localized that I thought for a moment that a neighboring building might be on fire. The cloud was white and the air smelled fresh, though, so that couldn’t have been the case; it was just a monster born from the bay, creeping through the city, placing heavy hands against the buildings to pull itself along the streets.

If San Francisco were on stilts or suspended from a balloon, this would be an everyday occurrence.

From our office I could see another mass of fog over the bay, wrapped tightly around the bay bridge while the rest of the world was bathed in sunshine. It must have felt a little otherworldly to drive over that bridge, either side cloaked in white with a blue sky above.

I remarked on the spectacle with some of my coworkers, but it was little more than small talk about the weather. Such things never feel small to me, though.

thrum, thrum, patter, clink

Written by Umbrella Man

January 13, 2015 at 10:55 pm

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