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Gesture of the Day #2344

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Gesture of the Day #2344

Mid-conversation photos can often come out pretty peculiar, but I think certain moments from them can capture a lot about a person’s character. Leyla and Mitch both make this sort of expression sometimes, often when they’re adopting the tone of someone trying to explain their their (ridiculous) opinions, which they feel should be common sense.

I spent several minutes trying to characterize this face and gesture, and that’s the closest approximation to it that I can make, but my words still feel so lacking.

In a separate conversation this evening we talked about whether we each wanted to raise children. Anton is looking forward to it someday; Mitch wants to be a better parent than the parents he knew growing up; Leyla feels that she’s a lot like her mom, which would therefore make her a great parent. This would be some time from now; she mentioned how different we’ll all be in ten years. I wonder what she’ll be like then – I’m so curious to find out.

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February 21, 2015 at 11:39 pm

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