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Lunch of the Day #2349

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Lunch of the Day #2349

On the right here is Danny, the new recruit for our team – and another graduate from App Academy. He went through the cohort after me, which meant we spent three weeks in the same space, but we never interacted there. Having gone through the same ordeal, we should have some innate solidarity, like soldiers who served in the same war but different platoons; so far, we have talked about smaller things.

For Danny’s welcome lunch we walked him to Subway – perhaps an underwhelming choice after his fancy interview meal. After stepping through the door, the prank was revealed, and we turned back out to a restaurant across the street, where the napkins are linen and the servers carry out their roles with immaculate timing, like well-rehearsed dancers or actors in a play.

Fancier restaurants tend to offer a great variety of meats and very few vegetarian options. I took the one option I could, a deep green risotto with slivers of pear, and savored it quietly.

These people are nice and the food is good, but I still feel a bit out of place here.

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Written by Umbrella Man

February 26, 2015 at 11:04 pm

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