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Eye of the Day #2348

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Eye of the Day #2348

The tiered roof of the mall in San Francisco, framed by rows of balconies below, becomes a dizzying eye when seen from directly beneath. It stares down like an all-seeing giant, and everyone who passes its gaze feeds it with their wallet.

Laurel and I each did some shopping tonight. I bought myself a fancy set of headphones – a somewhat extravagant purchase. I’ve wanted something like it for a while now, since it can be so nice to be completely wrapped in music, but I don’t feel entirely comfortable buying such a luxury item. Carrying the box out, I had the strange feeling that I had to unburden myself of some other worldly possession in order to counterbalance the act of consumerism I’d just performed.

I would rather not be a material person.

Where can you best put your money to make the world a better place?

argon refinery

Written by Umbrella Man

February 26, 2015 at 12:53 am

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