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Eyelet of the Day #2357

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Eyelet of the Day #2357

Laurel and I walked by the water again, hoping to find her coworker navigating the waves below. The surfers had formed a great flock, and it was impossible to identify any of them from the cliffs, but they all moved with elegance, standing demure on their boards as the ocean carried them back to earth.

In the distance was a tiny islet, little more than a boulder that hovered a stubborn distance from the continent. Sea lions have claimed it, covering the rock like a swam of brown caterpillars, and from across the water we could hear them barking and croaking, making their sluggish ogre calls in the sun.

Two quadcopters flew over the lawn by the lighthouse, and that slight difference from when I was last here makes it feel like I’ve traveled thirty years into the future. All those trips on the Bart must have had some strange relativistic effects on me.

the fear has gripped me

Written by Umbrella Man

March 7, 2015 at 2:04 am

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