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Pebble of the Day #2358

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Pebble of the Day #2358

Last night I dreamed of coding for the first time since App Academy. It might be a little maddening if that were all I were doing, but I’ve been able to get some sun and see the sea every day here.

Matt has settled in well to his post-App Academy job out here. Spare moments on the weekends have let him explore the area, and now perhaps he knows the secrets of Santa Cruz better than I do.

We biked out to Wilder today, which I always felt was some secret hideaway, but Matt already knew it well. A caravan of colorful bikers passed us on the dirt path, and when we caught up to them they were standing in a row at the edge of the water, about to soak their feet. The fern cave was less toothy and more populous than usual, so we moved on.

Past the fern cave is one more cove, where the walls are so brittle you can pull slabs and slivers out with your fingers. I’d stood there before with Lauren and Pearce, and the splashing waves inched up just short of our toes. Today we found a colony of sea lions basking there, like the living raft I watched three years ago had run ashore. When we stepped into view they looked up at us and the group started to wriggle away, ready to drop into the water.

It’s good to find that Matt is doing well, and loving the Santa Cruz life – as I thought he would. I haven’t heard from many other App Academy alumni, and can only hope that they’ve all found their footing.

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March 8, 2015 at 12:23 am

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