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Squeeze of the Day #2365

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Squeeze of the Day #2365

Dad stopped by today with a loaf of warm cheese-and-olive bread and an exercise ball – a little bit of housewarming, perhaps. Anton came over in the evening, boysenberry pie in hand, and eventually took it upon himself to inflate the new ball. You have to grit your teeth for this first workout, bringing the ball to life by offering a little of your own.

I feel like a bit of a fool trying to balance on the thing, wiggling a bit and then rolling over in desperate attempts to stay on top of the ball, but even falling off of it is rather fun.


In the null hours between this post being written and when the next day began, Pearce and I had a long meandering conversation, starting with his asking if the purpose of this blog has changed over time, and, after Brittany arrived, asking if each of us had happy childhoods, and how we came to be the people we are. It’s worth remembering, so tonight will have a bonus photo.

goodnight talk

Written by Umbrella Man

March 15, 2015 at 12:14 am

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