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Moon of the Day #2368

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Moon of the Day #2368

Tuesdays are Jeff’s dinner nights, so I went this evening bearing bread and brie, and hoping it would be enough of a contribution to the meal. Food ended up not being the focus of the evening; half of the guests had already eaten dinner. We just talked in the kitchen, then in the dining room, and finally in the living room, where Jeff’s dog joined the party.

This is a close look at the moon that hangs over the dinner table, crafted from coffee filters, delicate and luminous. It seems to be one of many things that Jeff’s brother has built. The two of them have been working to turn their house into a dream home for about a year now; half the rooms are finished, with generous applications of beautiful polished wood, while the other half shows signs of constant construction. It looks like a tremendous undertaking.

I was told tonight that heating brie made it even better, but it looked so sad puddled in the casserole dish.

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March 18, 2015 at 12:48 am

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