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Blitzkrieg of the Day #2370

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Blitzkrieg of the Day #2370

Across the planet, wherever any artifact creates a connection between strangers – at parks, fountains, statues, public transit stations, works of art – portals can be found, leaking a strange psychic energy. Through Ingress we can see and tap these portals, and try to use them to make the world what we have decided it should be.

Laurel and I chose, somewhat arbitrarily, the blue team, the Resistance, who mean to protect the population from the possibly-malevolent control of the green Enlightened. Two veterans of the invisible war lead us on a strike mission today, blasting away green portals in El Cerrito and building up a field of blue in our wake.

This game is a Google creation, a strange thing that brings strangers together in person, and its community is full of especially friendly people.

The portal war seems to be without end, but it does give a strange sense of espionage to everyday locales; I will sometimes claim a sculpture for the Resistance and quickly have it torn town by a member of the green team, who is necessarily somewhere nearby. It could be anyone holding their phone – and these days just about everyone is.

sudden silence

Written by Umbrella Man

March 20, 2015 at 12:10 am

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