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Juggler of the Day #2372

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Juggler of the Day #2372

On our little adventure today, Laurel and I stopped at Mr. Mopps’, a little toy shop I liked to visit when I was little. I have a certain sentimental feeling about them – they embrace the best part of the spirit of toy-ness, you could say. It’s full of little things to tinker with and marvel at, and lacks the aggressively packaged toys you see at bigger department stores.

We found the kooshes (I had to get a new one, of course), and Laurel showed a little of her magic powers when she started juggling. It took a moment for her old skills to return, but I loved seeing her laugh while her juggling muscles warmed up.

We’ve returned with a stack of books and a few little toys – a good day out. Laurel’s fun to go wandering with, and it’s so important to make time for it.

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March 21, 2015 at 10:18 pm

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