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Spark of the Day #2385

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Spark of the Day #2385

I let a few moments slip by without photos today, but I will allow it for now. It’s important to have some null photos now and then.

With work and with the endless flow of media to consume and project ideas to realize, I think I have been overworking myself a bit, trying to cover as much mental ground as possible in spare moments. I cannot keep up with all the stories being created, nor can I follow through with everything I want to create myself, and it takes a conscious effort not to feel like I am losing a desperate race with the universe.

It’s okay – it’s important, even – to let most things go, to put them aside in favor of some nothing.

After the train ride home (on which I played a level of Mario and continued to read A Canticle For Leibowitz), I walked by the park, thinking of capturing some portals and reading a bit more before heading home. Instead I lay on the grass and, with my head low, watched the green blades extend to the horizon. A ladybug landed near me, as if the two of us were playing parts in a play, and carried out a series of leaps from blade to blade that I couldn’t understand. It was good to give a moment to that – no electronic puzzles to solve, no literature to parse, no conversation to dance through.

I’m continuing through this process of working out what parts of life I can strip away, what I can keep, and what I should give up on pursuing. In time I’ll be lighter and more aerodynamic, and I can almost feel it already.


Written by Umbrella Man

April 3, 2015 at 11:33 pm

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