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Key of the Day #2389

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Key of the Day #2389

I never saw the rain today, but the sound of it followed me as I slept this morning, and when I left for work I saw the results of its work, felt how it had cleaned the air.

There is a series of stone barriers on the walk to work, dark pillars about waist height. Each of them had collected a thin pool of rainwater, and I was reminded of our fourth-grade lesson on surface tension – the meniscus formed atop a penny, holding in so much more water than seemed possible. On one of the pillars I saw a perpetual rippling of concentric circles, and had to stop to try and capture the phenomenon. It proved to be too difficult to capture, but leaning close I was able to see the mirrored machines across the street.

I was so distracted yesterday by small details in the street, but I think I prefer it this way.

time’s end

Written by Umbrella Man

April 8, 2015 at 12:22 am

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