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Photo of the Day #2395

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Photo of the Day #2395

Brian’s wedding is next week, and I haven’t anything to wear worthy of the celebration. I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to fashion, so I asked for Laurel’s company. After a bit of bumbling between choices, and with Laurel’s advice and an employee’s guidance, I put together a suit that I hope will work nicely.

(No, you don’t get to see it, but to at least sketch it out: dark grey coat, lavender shirt, purple bow tie.)

Having never put much thought into my clothes, I find it a little strange to realize that I can choose to wear whatever I want. The way an outfit changes the space a person occupies and alters the mood of a scene is tangible if you pay it even a little attention; the notion that I can be more than a loose bag of bones blowing in the wind is a little enticing.

I will probably never pay much attention to my wardrobe, but it’s fun to play with it a little, and Laurel had a bit of fun photographing me during the whole process. She’s reviewing her photos here; one of them caught me mid-expression, so of course it would have been impossible not to laugh.

It was nice to have her with me today. She was very good about leading me to make my own decisions even when I asked her for advice, but it would have been a much more daunting endeavor without her.

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April 14, 2015 at 12:13 am

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